Month: April 2022

Five Tips to Make More Money with Financial Spread K8Viva Kien Thuc Nuoi Ga Choi

Spread betting in financial markets is tax-free. All profits are exempt from tax. Spread betting is a great way to learn about the markets, especially for beginners. These are five tips to help you make more.

1. Be aware of the Dealing Costs

Spread K8Viva Kien Thuc Nuoi Ga Choi brokers do not charge commissions, but there are some costs. Spread bet brokers will always quote a higher bid-offer spread than traditional markets. On Gold futures, the bid offer would normally be $0.10 or $569 bid with PS569.10 offered. Spread bet brokers will usually quote $0.50 to $568.80 at PS569.30.

If the trader is interested in doing a lot short term trades, these extra costs can have a significant impact on profitability. You should not discount costs. Short term traders often lose money net after taking costs into consideration. This can be avoided by limiting the number of trades that you make and cherry-picking the ones with higher probability.

2. Use charts, but keep your analysis simple

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with technical analysis and charting. Over 80% of the market does. If you are aware that the majority of market participants look at charts, you should be watching them closely. Know what your enemy thinks!

You should be aware of when important chart levels are broken, such as the 50- or 200-day moving average. Also, price breakouts from highs or lows are something to watch out for.

The best traders are those who keep charting simple. Anyone with a PS300 personal computer has the ability to number crunch using 1001 indicators. Over the years, all of these indicators have been greatly diminished. Instead, focus on the chart’s shape and character. Does it appear bullish/bearish? Are there major levels of resistance or support coming up? These levels are a great indicator of the future direction by watching the market’s reaction and trading around them.

3. Spread betting is a great way to hold long-term positions.

Everyone seems obsessed with trading every market move. Spread betting is often better than short-term trading because it involves higher costs. It’s best to trade longer term moves.

Three-fold benefits can be realized by focusing on long-term moves. First, you can forget about the cost. Second, it is often easier to catch longer-term trends and moves than to keep up with the short-term ups and downs. Thirdly, it’s not necessary to spend your time following the market constantly. For over a year, the author held a Gold position by using spread betting.

4. Start Your First Business with Dummy Accounts

Spread betting firms almost always offer a ‘dummy account’ for clients who are just starting out. Practice accounts can be used as a training tool to help people learn how to spread betting and how to place orders correctly.

After a few months, deposit some money into your account. Then you can trade small positions. You will gain confidence in your abilities and strengths, which will lead to more money being added to the account. New clients who deposit large amounts of money, then lose large chunks of it because they don’t understand the game, have cost a lot of money.

Think long-term and be smart. This will help you and your trading capital to make it easier to trade the markets.

5. Do not trade what you don’t know or fully understand

Although you may be familiar with the stock market and how to make it money, this does not mean that you will be able apply your knowledge to other markets with different characteristics.

This is especially true for commodities, particularly those that are grown in the ground. The price of markets can be affected by weather, droughts, shortages, and other fundamental factors. Sometimes the market opens 10% higher or less the next day depending on the time. If you are interested in trading these markets, do some research on what moves them and study historical charts to see how they can change if things get messy.

For all these commodities, it is a good rule of thumb to reduce the size of your trading positions when they enter a weather market. This refers to when excessive rain, sun, or frost can adversely affect the crop.


Trading is about both skill and experience. In fact, they often feed off one another. Spread betting is a business that requires you to have knowledge and skills. This article should have given you some ideas to help increase your trading account’s value.

Anime, Light Novel, or Manga? Which do you prefer?

“Did the light novel interest you?”

“Did the manga get you interested?”

These are common questions that will be asked at some point during any discussion about anime shows. This is almost the same as when a movie is based on a book. A common question is “Did your read the book?”

This kind of thing bothers me, to be honest. Why? There are many manga and light novel readers who don’t mind if others have done the same. However, there are also many that almost take offense. These people will usually reply to any comment or question you have about a show by saying, “Well, if you read the manga…”

It is very annoying. My personal opinion is that there’s a big difference between an anime adaptation and a movie adaptation. What does that mean? Volume. Producing movies takes a while. The same goes for anime, which airs new episodes four times per year (anime seasons). How can you compare a movie that is released after a long period to an anime that is released four times per year?

This is just food for thought. This article is not about which book to choose. Do you want to start reading light novels? Perhaps you should start reading manga? You should just watch anime.

Let’s look at the pros and cons for each.


When I hear about an interesting story, anime is my first choice. Why? It’s easy. It’s easy. You can sit at your computer, lay down, and enjoy the animation and the dialogue. Without having to read a light novel or assemble manga pictures, you can see a story unfold right in front of your eyes.

The problem is usually lack of depth. A limited amount of anime can be fit into a season. It is easy to miss some important background information or fail to fully grasp a situation because you don’t know what the character is doing.

It is my personal favorite.

Light Novel

I love anime and I often read the light novels. However, I must wait for the translation. As with any book, a light novel can be a significant investment. I view it as me enjoying the story enough that I will back it. I never read online translations. I buy the book. Two, I love the physical copy and three, to support the author.

As with any other book, the light novel usually covers a lot more than the anime adaptation. The light novel gives you a deeper look at the scenes. It’s possible to see the background. Instead of trying to figure out what a character feels, the author can tell you. Your imagination can be used to create the scenes you envision. Illustrations are also helpful.

What is the down side to any book? It can be time-consuming. This is why I always choose the anime as my second choice. Before I get into detail, I want to make sure that the story is enjoyable. The writing style could also be a problem. A story could be my favorite, but if it is written in a way that I don’t like, I will not enjoy it.


Manga is another option. Manga is my second favorite. Manga are usually easier to read than light novels, because you’re dealing with images. A manga allows you to see the scene before you, instead of trying to imagine scenes that don’t accurately reflect the story as the author intended. It is possible to literally see it develop.

Manga are similar to light novels but more detailed than the anime version. A manga has one drawback, at least in my opinion. You have to read from right to left. It’s an absurd accusation that drives me crazy, I know. Although the images might be welcomed, I like to create scenes with my imagination. A manga limits my ability to do that.

What’s the best? It all depends on what you like. People who don’t spend the time reading manga and light novels will almost always be criticized. It’s just how it is.

If you enjoy a story, I recommend the anime. If you love a good story, pick up the light novel. You can choose to read the manga or one of the books. I consider manga to be visually appealing after I have learned the characters.

There you have it. Here are my thoughts about the anime vs. light novel vs. manga debate. Everyone will have their own opinions, and everyone is welcome to disagree.