Bette Vest

Bette Vest a Texas Hill Country artist.Bette Vest’s personal objective in glass is to learn and keep challenging herself. Bette likes to explore new ways of working with glass and recycle used glass into new and different creations. Color influences everyday life and emotions in untold ways, and the colors in glass work a magical spell. For Bette, sharing this magical spell with someone’s life is exciting.

Bette graduated from college with an art education degree and retired as a high school principal. She didn’t quite get enough art in her career, so she is making up for lost time. Bette’s son, who is a glass artist in Seattle, Washington, introduced her to glass art in 1998; and it has become her family’s passion. Bette Vest personally started working with glass in 2008.

Bette’s work is in private collections and has been shown at numerous exhibitions.