Charles Wendt

Charles_Wendt_bio_photoI can’t remember any period in my life where I have not been making something,
from my toys from apple boxes to metal art, to spurs,  bits, buckles and silver jewelry.  I have always been intrigued with the “how is that done” aspect of everything I make.  Having an eclectic taste in many things, my hobbies and desire to learn continues to grow. 

After selling my half of Nailhead Spur Co, a business I founded in 1996, to our son I was able to start doing things that really interested me.  I took classes in jewelry making, silversmithing, Native American metal stamp making, stamping designs and techniques.  I have taken what was taught and adapted the techniques to help me create my own style of jewelry. 

Most of my designs are based on Southwestern patterns with some modern influences.  I like to think of each of my items as a part of me that I share with others.