Cody McClure

My pottery is an anniversary gift. Knowing my desire and love for all things artistic, my wife secretly arranged a couple’s pottery experience as an anniversary gift in 2011. She blind folded me for the reveal and it was the most thoughtful and exciting gift I think I have ever experienced. I've been an artist for over 35 years in various mediums and hold five college degrees (one of which is in the fine arts and the rest are in the clinical arts of counseling and psychology). I have retired from the clinical arts and now focus solely on expressing my art through pottery. As to my approach: I love form and shape. I am no minimalist as my friends and family will attest. I love color and I most certainly love all things beautiful. I believe in a sense of proportion and a sense of order. I also enjoy whimsy. If you think about it, and I can't help but laugh, all of these characteristics in today's world of art would make me a rebel of sorts. I hope to bring back these characteristics to art and to create work that elicits that intrinsic desire for beauty within us all.