Craig Timmerman

Craig Timmerman a Texas Hill Country artist.I have always been fond of wood in any form. I like the look of the grain pattern, sometimes symmetrical, sometimes not. I like the feel of a finely finished piece in my hands. I love finding out what is hidden beneath the bark. My discovery of the lathe has opened up a new world of exploration and development. I never considered myself to have much of an artistic talent. However, standing at the lathe seems to unleash an inner ability that obviously has been waiting to find the appropriate medium to show itself and it feels good.

I am an artist from the school of self-instruction and I am now ten years into my personal degree program. My wood turning skills are the result of spending time with my peers, attending various seminars, and just spending time at the lathe. I find inspiration from many different points--ancient forms of pottery, architecture, contemporary sculpture, personal experiences, along with a health dose of experimentation are all blended together in producing my work.

I find that I am most excited about pieces that are a bit on the edge--those that might start as traditional forms, but are slightly warped into something different. And while I enjoy abstract form and sculpture, I also am in constant search of the perfect form--one that flows, that uncovers a hidden treasure, or maybe one that just feels good in your hands.

Like all of us, wood occasionally has a mind of its own, but it may also allow you to uncover a hidden character flaw. With a little luck the wood will let me “mold” it into something different. When it doesn’t, I try to accentuate the natural flaws in the wood rather that hide them or turn them away. I think of these flaws as strong-willed pieces.