Dan Wiggins

Dan_Wiggins_bio_photoWorking with wood has been a passion for 30 years.  I get satisfaction out of turning a piece of wood into something that people enjoy and admire.  Limited by adequate funds to fully stock my wood shop with tools I started with a simple wood lathe and began creating. 

As time went on and I collected more and more equipment. I started making cabinets, tables, and other functional pieces.  My love however, was making pens out of exotic materials and turning them to exacting tolerances.  This soon grew into a little cottage industry and found that people loved the old style of writing pens.  To this day I still enjoy creating fine writing pens. 

My most recent adventure has been making complex spiral shells in the style of the exotic Nautilus.  The variations are never ending and each piece is one of a kind and unique.  Since moving to the hill country, I have found more time to let my imagination run free.  As long as people enjoy the pieces that I make, I will always endeavor to improve and find new ways to express the art of wood working.



Dan_Wiggins_Nautilus_2_large  Dan_Wiggins_Nautilus_1_small