Dwayne McGee

Since 1992 Dwayne has been using the rustic characteristics and unique blending of South Texas cultures, beliefs, events and land to create distinctively bold and defined jewelry of sterling silver, other metals, and semi-precious stones.  Dwayne has taught himself the technical and art design sides of jewelry creation in an effort to isolate his individuality and style.  Much of Dwayne’s work is influenced by abstractly based simplified expressionism features with shades of surrealism and symbolism found in modern and primal arts of graphic, sculptural, music, and, dance.  These branches of the tree of art give shade, comfort and fuel Dwayne’s artistic talents.  They are his stimulus for fabrication of creation.

Dwayne’s South Texas Jewelry is as distinctive as the thunderstorms and landscape of the South Texas Brush Country.  There is a powerful presence, and inspiring beauty to it.  It is a story, a history of the land which has more life and energy than the needles of a prickly pear cactus.  A piece of Half Dead Oak Jewelry is more than a band of metal and stone, it is a story of its origins.  As every piece is designed and crafted it is never again replicated, just as a journey is never the same for everyone.

Taking pleasure in the land and marveling at the mystique of South Texas is a core value Dwayne has.  The characteristics in his jewelry show it.  In Webb County, just north of Laredo, Texas sits a small ranch atop a ridge in which Dwayne lives with his family, it’s where he gathers inspiration for his one of a kind creations.

The culture here uses natural and supernatural events, plant and animal forms to symbolize important aspects of their lives.  Dwayne’s work is especially influenced by these images, in an abstract and geometric way.  You may fancy knowing that the significance of each subject goes into the work, and not just used for its aesthetic features.

Owing a piece of Dwayne’s jewelry will give you the satisfaction of knowing it truly is an original, and made from a story of the land, the culture, and of the very ground of South Texas.  Dwayne stamps each piece he makes with his hallmark, a Half Dead Oak, as shown above.  Dwayne is a superb story teller and there is nothing more enjoyable and intriguing than listening to him explain the stories behind his designs. 

From the artist himself, “The wildness of this place, the people, culture, wildlife and spirituality has not just influenced me but has become who I am. My hope and challenge is to reflect this life and this place in my art”.

Additional information
Dwayne believes in affordable originality and has adopted this as one of his philosophies. Dwayne’s jewelry targets the individual rather than those ruled by mass market trends. 

Dwayne likes to experiment with materials and textures resulting in original designs at affordable prices. Dwayne uses some of the latest technology to design and manufacture his product but still relies on hand assembly and good old fashioned customer service.

Dwayne’s, mark for his jewelry reflects the two characteristics of the universe, order and chaos, right and wrong, good and bad, alive and dead, the two sides to everything, the oak tree is split in half, one side is alive the other is dead, and in the center, reality, existence, that’s where we live.

Having grown up in South Texas, a strong influence for Dwayne has always been the visual environment of Texas ranches, State and National Parks in Texas, his summers were spent working in the ranching and farming community.

A lifelong Texan, Dwayne draws on the cultural influences of all the peoples of Texas, and the Spanish/Islamic/Greek geometric art, which is woven into his jewelry, this uniquely South Texas style is demonstrated in his appreciation for the unique qualities which come to South Texas from other cultures.      

Dwayne’s focus as a jeweler is to create objects of lasting beauty. “I find my primary inspiration in the natural world. In nature I see intricate patterns, both elegant and strong, always with slight variations or diminutive imperfections. It is often this variability that makes what would otherwise be perfect, interesting.  “Jewelry should move as the body moves and feel good to wear. It should withstand the act of living and be passed on to your children”.

People say Dwayne’s work makes them feel good; some people wear his jewelry as a sort of personal amulet.  If the pieces bring good luck, it’s maybe that it comes from Dwayne’s absolute care in creating it.  Maybe the good luck comes out from what goes into the work, passion, hope, and some feeling for risk, for adventure, for overcoming challenge.

Dwayne McGee, is a citizen of Texas, and can trace his heritage all the way back on his mom’s side of the family when they landed in Galveston Texas back in 18 something or nother. There was also a McGee at the Alamo.   Fortunately some of them survived and the family tree grew until today. At the age of 19, Dwayne enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and retired a Gunnery Sergeant in 2000. Since that time, he has devoted himself to his unique style of silversmithing and to upholding the traditions of his people. Dwayne is involved in, farming, ranching and wildlife management at his and his families ranches, Dwayne and his family currently live in South Texas, just north of Laredo Texas. All of his works, are completely handmade. Each piece carries his mark; he prides himself on maintaining a true sense of tradition while marching forward with his own unique artistic style and vision.  Dwayne is very honored to offer you this incredibly unique and compelling jewelry. 

Dwayne’s designs are elegantly rustic, abstractly based with expressionism features with shades of surrealism that are, geometric, rhythmic, static, emotional, and with natural symmetry. 

In the end Dwayne hopes his jeweler is well worn and well loved.