Kathy Meador

Kathy_Meador_textiles_paintings_bio_photoAll my life, I have drawn. People, animals, and landscape scenery all were sketched in numerous sketchbooks. I do not ever remember not drawing. My favorite gift one Christmas was a Jon Gnagy "Learn to Draw" set. Drawing was the one area of life that I felt I had some control over, and I quickly realized that getting good was going to involve a lot of perspiration.

I majored in art at the University of Texas in Austin and then graduated (we moved) from Texas Tech University. I obtained a teaching degree in order to support my family and spent nearly 30 years teaching art in the public schools. In addition, I did some free-lance illustration work for a couple of magazines, worked as a designer at a t-shirt company, and worked as a paste up and layout artist. One of my fun projects was designing a couple of posters for my husband's band that used my illustrations.

My love affair with pencils graduated to a painting passion and now I paint whenever I can. Several times, I have visited Europe and count myself lucky to have seen some great art in various museums. Some of my favorite artists are Chagall, Hopper and Miro, although my work is not at all similar. I enjoy realism and feel there is plenty of opportunity to express myself there. In particular, I really enjoy the absolute joy of color to be found in flora and the expressiveness of fauna. Overall, I feel so lucky to have discovered early on that I do not need to be rich or beautiful if I can just enjoy what I am doing.

My family lives primarily in Texas, and we have done so for a long while. I have a husband, Steve, a musician, and four grown daughters. Steve and I live in Marble Falls.  I have other hobbies which include sewing, reading, and various craft hobbies which I try to squeeze in. I also work several times a month at Texcetera, an art gallery Johnson City.