Lorie McGirr

Lorie McGirr a Texas Hill Country artist.Lorie McGirr is a silk painter and owner of Naps & Nites Studio living and working in Canyon Lake, Texas, with her children, Morgan and Quentin. Gaining its name from the only time she could work uninterrupted, Naps & Nites Studio was officially opened in September of 2000 when her children, ages 1 and 3, were always afoot.

Born in 1973 in Maryland, Lorie McGirr is a self-taught, wearable fiber artist who is inspired by the centuries old Japanese technique of Shibori, a process of binding, folding, twisting or stitching fabric in different ways to achieve unique patterns after dyeing. Lorie is using her interpretation of the infinite styles of Shibori to create unique, elegant, wearable art. She uses many types of silk fabrics to create her line of scarves, accessories and clothing as she is fascinated by the luminous quality of silk and the incredible texture of the different silks.

Lorie McGirr has traveled to numerous shows in multiple states exhibiting her work at art fairs and festivals over the last 14 years. Lorie’s work can be found in many stores and fine craft galleries across the United States. She also designs exclusive items for the catalog, Uno Alla Volta.

Lorie McGirr is currently experimenting with the process of discharging fabrics where she is binding colored silks using the Shibori techniques, removing the color by simmering in a color remover, rinsing the fabric and then over dyeing which results in a “reverse” patterning with a stunning outcome. Constantly amazed by the Shibori process and the results of the dyeing with a myriad of different patterns and color ways, she continues to seek innovative ways to use her fabrics for accessories and clothing design.