Mike Acker

Mike Ackers Texas Hill Country artist.Mike Acker started beading jewelry in 2008 after getting tired of looking for the perfect necklace. Wanting to learn Mike began working with copper and nickel, then silver. Now, he uses the knowledge he received from talented silversmiths to create his own unique style of jewelry. All of Mike’s creations are handmade from scratch using fabricated sterling and pure silver. Minimal tools are used so his silverwork is done much like the old ways. Mike Acker’s pledge is to never misrepresent the materials used in his creations or sold for supplies. Mike strives to offer a wide variety of jewelry that will appeal to all tastes.

Mike is active in sports and the outdoors, a musician (guitar and sax) and travels moderately. He is always studying, learning and searching for high grade turquoise, stones and natural materials to use in his creations. Mike’s wife Nikki is retired but quite active and is an artist (she taught art for 24 years and now privately) so she gives him valuable advice and support.