Mike Thornton

Located between Center Point and Comfort in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, my studio and home are located in rural eastern Kerr County. Relocating from West Texas, my wife Rebekah and I bought our home more than a decade ago. The original log-cabin-style structure remains in a constant state of renovation. Artists with supportive spouses always seem to find something to improve. The surrounding area provides a banquet of options through events, landscapes, water features, weather, and of course friendly people.

My formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in painting, and a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in metalsmithing. Over the years I have employed these techniques in many projects, all while holding down a full time job and helping raise two wonderful children.

I now find myself drawn to merging various techniques in my work. Each piece is unique, including a variety of paintings, prints, assemblages, wall reliefs, clay, metal arts or any combination.  Depending on my vision for the specific piece, the work may be representational or abstract.  In most pieces, there is a treasure or surprise twist to the work that adds an extra spark.