Nicole Lozano

Nicole_Lozano_bio_photoA native of Texas, Nicole was raised in San Antonio. She graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University, with a Bachelor's of Science and went to work in the corporate world. This, however, did not satisfy the desire to create present since childhood. In 2005, Nicole took a workshop on kiln fused glass techniques. Almost immediately it was clear this was where she needed to be. Immersing herself in this material, her technical skills developed quickly. She now passes on her knowledge as an Instructor at Wired Designs Studio, a glass and metals studio in San Antonio, Texas. 


Kiln-formed glass as a medium, with its’ mixture of science and creativity, requires Nicole to utilize both technical skills (i.e. science and math) and creative abilities. She uses an in-depth understanding of the physics involved in temperature control to achieve specific results. In addition to applying her understanding of these processes, Nicole is also influenced by details observed from her travels, nature, her understanding of other fine crafts such as calligraphy and bookbinding, and her cultural upbringing.

An element regularly demonstrated in her work is her strong belief in the importance of the tactile sense. The feelings picked up by your fingers as they run across a piece are just as important to Nicole as the message received visually. Her work is created with the belief that art/craft is meant not just to be owned but lived with & enjoyed. These values are conveyed in her functional work where raised elements & an attention to the specific type of finish each piece is given are regularly demonstrated. This increases visual depth & also contributes to that important sense of touch