Paula Haynes

Paula Haynes works in ceramics. In 2000 she started taking ceramic classes, as she had always been intrigued with pottery. Paula was immediately hooked on clay. She took classes at Richland Community College in Dallas for seven years. Paula then moved to Brookhaven Community College, which had a more sophisticated program in Ceramics. She took Ceramics credit classes for six years at Brookhaven. Paula was able to experiment with making a large variety of pieces and learn numerous approaches to firing her ceramics.

Paula moved to Lake Buchanan in the Hill Country in March of 2014. She makes hand thrown ceramic pieces, combining and altering them. She has recently started hand building wall cones. Paula enjoys nature and making whimsical pieces for out doors. She loves it when her art can bring a smile to someone’s face. She is currently working on Toad Houses and wall cones.