Paula Lay

My love of art began in my childhood with a set of Encyclopedia Brittanica.  The images were captivating, and much more interesting than the landscape of the Texas panhandle, where I was born.  And because I loved animals, I spent hours studying the illustrative plates of every kind of bird and beast.

During my career as a English faculty member at Lee College, in Baytown, TX, I used art slides to introduce every new unit whether I was teaching freshman composition, british literature or humanities.  I grew to love the diversity, social commentary and sometimes disturbing beauty found in those slides.  In fact, I always thought that my second career after teaching would be helping artists promote their work.  But a move to the dark winters of Kenai, Alaska changed that.  Needing some distraction from the twilight that lasted all day, I accepted an invitation from an artist friend, a wonderful watercolorist, to paint with her.  After the first painting session, I was all in.  

I now live in Boerne, TX with my husband Roger, two papillons, three bantam hens, a dwarf rabbit and a canary named Roy Orbison.