Rae Dollard

Rae_Dollard_jewelry_artist_BIO_PHOTOAs an artist I have been inspired by the energy of color and its ability to affect us on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  Often we are unable to express why we react to certain images but only know that they reach us on an unspoken, unconscious level.  It is the joy and power of color and texture that I hope to express in my art, whether it be through painting, photography, mixed media or jewelry. Throughout my professional life, I have been in involved in many forms of the healing arts. Working as a therapist, musician, acupuncturist or creator of images I have always been an artist, only the media has changed. Using art as a spiritual practice and as a vehicle for healing is, to me, of great interest. Many of my childhood memories are of my father, also an artist and musician, in Taos, New Mexico and later in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  He taught me to play with texture and color, and to embrace the uncertainty that comes with each new art form chosen. As one of the first glass beadmakers in Texas I specialized in lampworked beads and jewelry.  I was a featured artist at Neiman Marcus for their 70th Anniversary, showed in juried art fairs and galleries across Texas and the Southwest, and was featured on the cover of Jewelrycrafts magazine multiple times. My work is built of colorful layers, like our lives, joyfully celebrating the present while giving glimpses of the past.


Rae_Dollard_Fine_Silver_Pendant Rae_Dollard_copper_and_silver_earrings