Susan Page

Susan_Page_bio_photoSusan Page was raised by depression-era parents who appreciated art, but could not see their way to encouraging it as more than a pastime. They did allow her the freedom to explore the small town where they lived & to roam the enormous forest just across the street from her house. Themes from that time occasionally surface in her work, but just as importantly, Susan developed a curiosity about things, a willingness to explore, & explore again wherever she might be. Not until Susan Page was as an adult did she explore various art forms after her 8 hour workdays. Eventually it was a clay class that Susan embraced as the art form she would pursue. She found herself completely absorbed by the process. There were endless possibilities at every stage. Susan is very tactile orientated and was able to indulge her love of texture. That tactile interest and love of texture are the constants in Susan’s work. Everything else develops out of whatever captures her curiosity- an image in a book, a new clay body, a poem she has heard, a casual comment by a friend, another artist’s work that she admires. This helps Susan create a diverse body of work, both functional & sculptural.

Inspiration & creativity are essential, but not enough. Susan Page is constantly educating herself in various aspects of clay. She has taken classes & workshops from regional artists that have national reputations, including Ishmael Soto, Billy Ray Mangum, Bridget Hauser, & Stan Irvin. She has attended workshops by nationally known ceramic artists from around the country that include Lana Wilson, Sam Chung & Linda Arbuckle. Susan Page enjoys regular conversations with local potters at her studio where she works.

Being a clay artist has been Susan’s passion and career since September 2003.