Vic & Louise Grohmann

Vic and Louise Grohmann are Texas Hill Country artists.Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Louise and Vic Grohmann have lived in Houston, Chicago, California, Arizona, and Madrid, Spain. In their travels, they learned a lot about art from visiting museums, and shows all over the world.

In 1994, they purchased a sawmill, at which time Louise became interested in working with wood, especially mesquite. She found that creating with wood was great therapy and rather relaxing.

In 2007, they moved from San Antonio, where they had a thriving business, to their ranch outside of Fredericksburg, where they continued doing business.

Louise Grohmann has been selling her creations in various locations since 1995, throughout the United States. But, if you ask her, she will tell you that her biggest satisfaction is meeting and visiting with new and old friends and that she could not be happier to know anyone for the past 12 years then Anne Bradley of Texcetera.