Marilyn Good

My fascination with clay started when I was a little girl.  I loved to make mud pies and dry them in the sun. Little did I realize that would lead to my love later in life of working with clay.  Over 20 years ago, I started my journey of experimenting with hand building and wheel throwing. To this day I enjoy both techniques as well as working and experimenting with the extruder.  

Nature plays its’ part in my choice of colors of glazes and textures. Greens, browns and purples are prominent in my work. More recently, turquoise, weathered bronze and rust colors have been added to my pallet. Every piece is unique and different. My work is bisque fired to 1,945 degrees. I then sand each piece and rinse off the dust to prevent problems in glazing. Wax is applied to the bottom so the pieces don’t bond to the shelf. Glazes are applied by brush or dipping and then the pieces are fired a second time, over 2,100 degrees. 

I have been a contributing artist in the Annual Empty Bowl Hill Country event, a current member of the Canyon Lake Art Guild and a member of the Pilot Club of Canyon Lake.  My husband and I relocated from Washington State in 2011 to Canyon Lake, Texas and have loved every moment and experience since we have been here.