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Focus on Creating Quality Backlinks

If you would like search engines to take notice of your website , then you have to build backlinks. This is a phrase that’s repeated over and over Create backlinks.

However, just like cheese there are a few different kinds of backlinks. Not all backlinks are made equal. Certain backlinks are excellent while others are a waste of time. There are backlinks that don’t do anything to boost your rank on search engines, and there are those that propel you to the top of the list.

In the case of backlinks, there are two primary aspects you should be aware of:

Quality over Quantity

It’s not just about the number of backlinks that you build it’s all about quality your backlinks. It’s not an abstract concept – Matt Curtis from Google has repeated this numerous times in his talks. As an employee at Google He knows the subject matter he’s talking about.

What is a good backlink? The easiest way to judge is to look at Page Rank. Which is your Page Rank of the website which is offering you backlinks?. If the site is not ranked or has a Page Rank of 1 then it’s not a good backlink. Google won’t offer it much significance (if it has any). However, if the website is with a Page Rank 5 or 6, then it is considered to be a quality. A backlink on an Page Rank 6 website tells Google that a reputable website believes your website is well-written and has a good content.

Remember that PageRank is a logarithmic. That means every increment of Page Rank is a 10 times value increase. An article with PR 6 is worth 10 times more than an PR 5 website. Therefore, if you’re creating backlinks via guest posts and need to choose between a blog that has PR 5 and one that has PR 6, always choose the more prestigious one.

Of course, the more high page rank, Page Rank the harder it will be to gain backlinks. Think of it in this manner. You could spend hours creating low-quality backlinks for PR 1 websites as well as the same amount of time creating 1 high-quality backlink for an PR 5 site. The similar amount of effort, however that PR5 backlink will be much more valuable than twenty backlinks. 1 backlinks.

Anchor Text in Backlinks

Search engines use anchortext to figure out the content of the backlink. When you receive an backlink, try to ensure that it uses your keywords within the anchor text. Instead of showing your domain’s name, you would like it to display your Keywords. For instance, you can see at the end of this post how the link to my site is based on keywords, not the URL of the website.

Search engines monitor the anchor text they use for linking to your website and is one of the most important methods they utilize for deciding what your site is about. If people search that includes your keywords you are more likely of ranking highly when your keywords are utilized in backlinks.

If the website that is linked to by the backlink doesn’t use keywords to promote your site The most you have to do is send an email to them asking them to alter the URL.

Backlinks are essential if you wish to be highly ranked on search engines. Don’t spend your time making hundreds of useless backlinks. Instead, put your energy into some quality backlinks.