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Baby Clothes that breathe – ethical clothing Baby Clothing

Cotton has existed for at least 7000 years. Most people believe that cotton was introduced to the United States in 1560 when it was grown in Florida. We have grown many varieties of cotton since then. Traditional cotton production uses a lot of pesticides. This is a negative. The use of pesticides is unusually high in cotton, which is a small percentage of agriculture. Pesticides are responsible for the 20,000 deaths each year in developing countries. Pesticides can contaminate the water supply. Changes in the water can lead to changes in the landscape and ecosystem destruction.

ethical clothing doesn’t use pesticides so there is no harm to the environment or farmers. Because you rotate crops, drinking water is safe and clean. This results in a plant that is very clean.

Consider that newborn skin absorbs everything around it. The skin of a newborn is delicate. Harmful contaminants can cause damage to new skin. Non organic cotton can be just as harmful as its cultivation. It is dyed, stretched and given a soft feel with toxic chemicals. Even cotton production is affected by formaldehyde. Ouch!

Ok, enough said about the differences between organic and non-organic. Here are the reasons to choose organic cotton. It protects your baby from pesticides, harsh chemicals that can damage their respiratory system, and it is also very breathable. Cotton is very breathable. Organic cotton is very durable. It is comfortable to wear and washes well. You can help prevent soil erosion and maintain good water quality in developing countries. You support a healthier environment. It can also save you money. You can also make organic cotton a life-long habit by introducing it to a child’s daily routine.

You will find organic cotton baby clothes everywhere. There are many places to find organic cotton baby clothing. Target, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, and Kmart all carried the line at one time. Gerber and Carter sell organic baby clothes. Amazon also sells organics. Organics are available everywhere. You just need to search for organic labels. There are many options, including a wide range of prices, styles, and colors.