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CRM – Buying Software or Building Your Own Integrated Website Solution

To build, or not to build… this is the question

Do you prefer to purchase an existing CRM (Customer Relations Management) solution, or build your own? The answer is obvious: If you own a website and need clients to manage, it’s better to create your own solution than to purchase an existing one. This article will explain why.

How do you do it?

It is important to not only build a Buy Software Cheap system in-house but also to treat it as an administration module on your website. It is important to plan and create the CRM system simultaneously with your website’s architecture. Your CRM interface should be programmed by the same programmers who program your website. The goal is to automate the majority of the tasks that a CRM system needs to register as an integral part the website. This will reduce the amount of information Customer Support Areas must manually enter. The idea behind building a website is to insert small pieces of code into your site that will track customer behavior. However, this behavior is not what Google Analytics measures and it’s unique for your business. To track each client’s progress, your CRM can be used to record each step. Customer support personnel can then call or email each client to find out which step they have abandoned, and how to help them. This is not possible with offline CRM systems. Online CRM applications allow any party to view the information at any time.

This is how I began working for ImprimaOnline. I have used this method in every website I have been involved with since.

This is how you can structure your web projects to reap the following benefits.

Reduce costs and save time

Although it might seem counterintuitive, you can actually save money by choosing this cheap CRM Software option. The reason is simple: You save on the one cost that is often the most costly in the long term: People. Although there is an upfront cost for development, this is typically less than the ongoing data entry and data-checking costs associated with purchasing off-the-shelf CRM software.

Automating and integrating tasks in your website reduces the time required by Support agents to update, crosscheck, validate, enter data into the system and thus lowers your company’s personnel costs.

Do not use unnecessary features

Like most software, CRM tools are designed to reach wide markets. These software tools must be able to support diverse businesses and people from different locations. A lot of features are required to satisfy the needs of the market. Most of these features you won’t use. You pay for CRM software that does A B C D E F and F. However, you will not use the other features.

Real time information

It doesn’t have to be “updated” nor “checked against duplicates”. The entire application can be accessed online. This means that you always have the most current version of your information. There are no additional typing tasks or actualizations required. You get real-time information.


Most CRM solutions don’t adapt to end users. This is the main reason that most CRM solutions fail. You can modify it as needed and adjust it to your user’s needs. You can do it all in-house if you have your own programmers. The same developers who programmed your website also programme your CRM solution.

One centralized database

The most common problem with using an external piece or software that is not integrated into the web’s architecture, as suggested here, is the creation of two client databases. Your web site contains some information, while your CRM Software manages other information. Customer service agents and sales staff often need to interact with customers in order to centralize both information on one database. This time-consuming task of updating databases or checking for duplicate information is often required for reporting purposes (management wants historical data, trends, or analyze something), but it doesn’t have any direct impact on those who actually use it. If your Sales Reps use GoldMine to visit clients, they will need to fill out multiple forms. If the client registers via the internet, these forms won’t be in the same database. Manual interaction is the only way to create one central database.

Your CRM can be integrated into your website to eliminate unnecessary manual interactions. Customers will only need to enter their data once, while you have the added benefit of having one central database that is more current.

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