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ecommerce website development company in mumbai web designers are more involved than the average web designer. Ecommerce web designers must design a site that is attractive to visitors. They also need to make it easy for them to use, so that they can browse and purchase easily. These are some helpful tips.

A home page that sparkles

Your homepage is the main draw. Your home page must offer enough excitement to get people to click on to other pages. High quality images and compelling content should be used to show prospects the benefits of your product. Create a visual presentation that reflects your brand and creativity to make your website stand out.

Use compelling copy to increase sales

Ecommerce web designers understand that while quality, relevant information is essential for any website, it is not enough. You are in business to sell products, so copywriting will be necessary to convince, persuade, and close a sale on your online shopping cart.

Your copy is your 24-hour salesperson. It should be engaging, informative, and compelling. The best presentation is to divide the copy into neat headings, sections, and highlight important areas. This will allow readers to’scan’ your offer and still understand it.

Product displays that are tempting

Do you recall walking along the sidewalk during Christmas looking at all the wonderful product displays? There were lovely mannequins in designer clothes, jewellery, electronic products and other attractive goodies’.

You’ll be tempted by the brightly colored decorations and tempting offers. Before you know it you’ve bought something that you like. This is how an online product display should feel. It should be warm and inviting, setting the tone for the sale.

Ecommerce designers are able to amaze with their talents and create stunning displays that transport customers to another dimension. You can achieve this effect by using streaming technologies, creative colour combinations, and adding animation or graphics to a webpage.

It is important to download quickly

Sites must be downloaded quickly to avoid impatient visitors clicking and moving on. You should not use more than four to five images on a page. Keep them under 20k. You should be aware that server speeds can vary from one host to the next. Find a host that will give your site the speed it needs.

User-Friendly Navigation

Visitors will leave a site that has complicated navigation. Your products should be listed under categories and sub-categories to make it easy for users to find what they need.

Offer multiple options

Shoppers don’t all shop the same way. Each person is unique. This is why you should offer them multiple shopping options. You can allow them to shop alphabetically, by manufacturer, brand, size, gender or any other criteria you feel they might be interested in.

Simple Shopping Cart Process

Do not overwhelm your customers with lengthy order forms. Just ask. You want to make the shopping cart process easy. If they leave, you will lose a sale.

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