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Day Confinement Nanny Vs Live-In Confinement Nanny

When you hire a confinement nurse, it is important to decide whether or not you want the nanny living in your home for a certain period after birth. Or if you prefer them to come to your home only as a day worker. Both of these options have their pros and cons.

Daytime chinese postpartum Nanny

A day nanny, or day confinement, will be assigned to your home and will leave at a time agreed upon each evening. You can use this arrangement to lower the cost of hiring the nanny. However, you must not allow the cost to dictate your decision. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option, then compare them to the experience of a live in nanny. Only then can your family decide which option is right for them.

It is possible to set the hours they work. This gives you the freedom to spend time with family members, and not be dependent on them. This leaves both the mother and the baby without professional support in the evenings. This can be very difficult for both the mother or the baby, especially when the mother has difficulty adapting to her new role.

It can be very detrimental to have a confinement nanny available at night if the mother is feeling exhausted or in pain. It is important to remember that newborn babies cannot sleep through the nights and that mothers can easily get exhausted trying to maintain a healthy baby’s eating schedule. Before you head out for the night, make sure that your nanny has set everything up in the home so that she can easily feed the baby at night.

The day confinement nanny is for those who are able to control their spending, have no place in their home to accommodate the nanny for a prolonged period of time, or don’t trust other people and would like more alone-time with the family. People who can provide nighttime and evening care for their children may choose to have a day-contained nanny.

Live-In Confinement Nanny

A live-in nanny is always available. She is there from the moment the baby is born until the agreed-upon contract is up. She comes in at night, when the baby can’t stop crying and the mother doesn’t know what to do. She’s there for a screaming baby when it is time for his first sponge bath. She is also available to take pictures and laugh with the cute baby.
One downside to having someone always there is that they can be there 24/7. The nanny will always be there to help the family, so they don’t get as much alone-time with their new baby. Although they may be able get out of the house more often to continue with their daily lives, the new parents won’t have as much time to spend alone with the baby. The mother will also be able take a lot of rest but it will sometimes be exhausting to have another person in the home. The luxury of having a nanny around at all time is worth the small price.