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Top 7 Reasons You Should Study in Toronto

1. Possibility to get a job
Toronto is Canada’s most populous city. It also serves as the country’s central hub for technology, finance (art and finance), entertainment and business. Toronto offers many job opportunities. The city is a major job market, but it also means there is a lot of competition. Every person has a different experience when it comes to finding a job. Your ability to learn and be competent will make it easier for you to obtain employment.

2. Reputation for excellence in education
The universities and colleges are the engines of economic development. Toronto is Canada’s biggest center for education and research. 8 public universities and colleges are found in Toronto. This city is home to many public and private schools.

University of Toronto
York University
Ryerson University
OCAD University
George Brown College
Humber College
Seneca College
Centennial College
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3. Diversity
Toronto is one the most diverse cities on earth. To discover other cultures, one doesn’t necessarily have to travel all over the globe. The Toronto region is home to 16 different countries, with more than 50,000 people. This gives you many opportunities for meeting people from all walks of life. While studying in Toronto you will see that multiculturalism is present in every aspect people’s lives, from their food and drinks to their businesses.

4. Friendliness
People in The 6 are known for their friendliness. You will be surprised at how often Canadians say thank you or sorry when you are here. An analysis of how people interact on Twitter revealed that Canadians are some of the most friendly people on the planet. Study also showed that Canadian users have more conversations than users of other countries.

5. Scenery
Canada is famous for its stunning scenery and uninhabited country. Toronto has many tourist spots, including Ripley’s Aquariums (CN Tower), Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo and Toronto islands. There are also many parks. You’ll find plenty to do in Toronto. There are shopping centers, fine dining, music and a vibrant downtown area. But there is also the historic Distillery District that has unique shops and restaurants.

6. Food
Toronto offers many different cuisines. You can find authentic Indian curry and Vietnamese pasta, as well as rich Vietnamese pho and fragrant Chinese dimsum. This vibrant city gives you the feeling of being in your own country with access to all sorts of food ingredients. Canadian cuisines are also worth trying. Poutine is a Canadian favorite. It was originally created in Quebec, and is now a national favorite.

7. We are open to all forms of immigration
Canada is also ranked as the most open-minded country in the globe. The United Nations rated Canada in 2021. Canada plans to keep its policy of accepting immigrants into the country. Canada intends to receive 411,000 new permanent residents by 2022. However these figures could be adjusted when the federal government releases its new levels plan