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Sign off remotehub Job Sheets Using CRM

A CRM mobile signature app is the best solution if you are struggling to find a way to reduce the time required to obtain a legally binding signature using CRM solutions. It is a natural human tendency to read through different document formats. For instance, as a consultant you will need to have a job sheet approved by clients. To get it signed from a CRM, it takes a little bit longer to send via email. Then, print, sign, fax and scan it again to integrate with the CRM document to reach your client. It’s no longer a problem as it has developed a better way to speed up transactions. This is Customer Relationship Management using mobile apps. This allows clients to sign off job sheets or other documents via their mobile devices (using a touch screen). Clients can also access the central client portal. After they sign the document, it will automatically be saved to their CRM file with the attached secure signature. It automatically captures their signature on the web portal once they have signed. This saves time and eliminates the need for paper and errors.

No longer do clients have to wait for documents to arrive or meet face-to–face to sign securely. Because CRM mobile signature is already a one-stop solution, clients can sign documents in one place. This makes everything central. You can access job details online or remotehub via the web portal by simply logging in using secure log-in, the job sign-off and the email confirmation. It works like this: Once the client signs the job sheet, they will receive an email confirming that all documents in the CRM system have been signed. The email confirmation will include a PDF attachment with the signed-off jobsheet. This contains all captured details and the signature of the client. The email confirmation, on the other side, contains a record of the job sheet signed-off by the client as well as additional details about the job. This completes the communication process.

Both clients and consultants will find CRM mobile signature a valuable tool to facilitate smoother transactions in signing documents. This technology makes customer relationship management easier. You and your customers will be able to reduce errors, security gaps, and ensure compliance. You can do business anywhere you are without ever having to leave the house. It is compatible with many devices, e.g. Android phones, tablets and iPhones.