Who will win the 2011 Cricket World Cup? A Tarot Card View

The Cricket World Cup is here, the largest one-day cricket tournament in a long time. There are many cricket tournaments around the corner, including Twenty Twenty IPL tournament. But the Cricket World Cup is something completely different. It’s a ball game that brings out the best in cricket. The World cup has intense emotions and a sense of patriotism. We can ask each country’s fans “Who will win the Cricket World Cup 2011?” The answer would be that they hoped and wished their country won it. This cricket world cup is special because it is played in subcontinent, where players are gods, and stadiums are battlefields.

Subcontinent is a place where you can only find the love and passion that one feels. One, the subcontinent pitches are extremely high scoring. Add to that the smaller stadiums, and you might see more sixes or fours in this cup than any previous cricket world cups. The majority of teams are in excellent form. It is difficult to name any team that will not give 100 percent during this tournament. Although we don’t know who will win the cricket world cup 2011, I have made some predictions based on tarot cards as well as cartomancy about the expected performance of each team in the cricket world cup 2011. (Namely)

Australia: Tarot cards indicate that the Australian cricket team at the Cricket World Cup will experience unexpected good fortune. The team will also reap the rewards of their energy and efforts, and may be recognized for it. The outcome will bring happiness and joy, which will make you feel happy. They won’t face any obstacles and they will not be faced with any difficulty. They might receive a gift they didn’t expect. They might win another cricket world cup.
Bangladesh: According to my Tarot readings, Bangladesh cricket team’s money energy is blocked. This team will perform better if given a second chance. It can be seen that Bangladesh cricket might lose close matches due to their errors.
Canada: Tarot predicts that Canada will experience the emotional happiness it has hoped for. The team will achieve happiness and success in all endeavors, but the emotional side will be more important. The readings indicate that this edition of the cricket world cup will see Canadians perform better than in previous years. This will bring the side more emotional happiness than material happiness. This is not the same as winning the world cup. Recognition is possible.
England: The Cartomancy readings indicate that the English cricket team must really work hard to meet their challenge. They may not achieve the desired goals, but they will succeed with a lot of effort. Unexpected surprises can be a part of team efforts. However, it is important to plan well otherwise the team will not learn valuable lessons. English is best when it is planned carefully.
India: Tarot and Cartomancy readings suggest that the Indian cricket team will be more energetic than ever before. You can find cards that show success and money, as well as emotional happiness. Their luck is in their favor. The other teams are not able to see this luck card in their readings. The Indians are a danger to other teams. The only thing to remember is that you will need extra effort in order to reach your goals. They might lose their chance if they become complacent after a good start or if they don’t take the weaker teams seriously. With a little extra effort, they can win the world cup again.
Ireland: Tarot cards do not work in Ireland. They will have to deal with many problems. It is possible that the teams’ strategies and planning may not be successful. They require a lot of effort and they face many difficulties to achieve their goals.
Kenya: I believe that the Kenyan cricket team is in chaos and they have no clear plans for winning matches. Tarot cards reveal a lot confusion and difficulties in achieving emotional stability and happiness. This is why I think this cricket team might not be performing well.
Netherlands: Tarot cards indicate that this team of cricket players will be full of energy and horse power. However, success and money are not the only indicators of their potential. Things won’t move as planned. The Netherlands might perform better in the cricket world cup than it did earlier. Cartomancy readings suggest that they will perform well, but that they need to have a strategy in place if they want to see results.
New Zealand: I have read the Tarot cards of New Zealand and it seems that while this team of cricketers will put in a lot of effort and energy to reach their goals, all of this will prove futile. They will have to overcome obstacles and hurdles along their way and put in more than 100 percent to achieve success. New Zealand’s cricket team must take each team seriously, as they might face difficulties if they are not able to win.
Pakistan: Tarot and Cartomancy readings for the Pakistan Cricket team have revealed that they will be in good spirits and full of energy. There is the possibility of emotional fulfillment and success. They might win the cricket world cup, just like Australian cricket team’s tarot cards. If Pakistan cricket team is full of spirit, employs better strategies, and keeps a stable mindset, it could be possible. They have high chances.
South Africa: Tarot cards are favorable for South African cricket teams. They will need to put in their best effort and be as energetic as the Australian and Pakistani cricket teams. This, in turn, indicates financial stability they had hoped for. They could lose crucial matches if they are too cautious. This team may win the 2011 cricket world cup.
Sri Lanka: Tarot cards for the Sri Lankan cricket team indicate a lot of hopes and desires that will boost the team’s performance, but they might not see any results. Cards can also signify frustration and despair. This can only be solved by key players. The team must have their best cricketers. If they fail to deliver, the whole team will suffer. The chances of winning the 2011 cricket world cup are slim.
West Indies: Positive tarot cards suggest that the Windies cricket team will be able to perform with high emotions and positive energy. It is possible to win. There are many chances to win, as everything is falling into place. They will be positive and perform well. I would advise them to keep their positive attitude intact and not let it go.
Zimbabwe: The Tarot cards for Zimbabwe’s Cricket team look more or less like the Irish predictions. Their matches will likely be a struggle and I doubt they will perform well. They must plan well before they go on the field. If they don’t, they could face defeat with any of the new teams.

All these readings showed West Indies team winning the best tarot card. Positive energy can be seen on their cards. Australia, South Africa and Pakistan were also among the top-scoring teams. The key indicators to win the cricket world cup 2011 in Australia are Positive Good News for India, Pakistan, and West Indies. For South Africa, it’s The Good Luck and for South Africa, it’s energy and efforts. These predictions are based upon the Tarot and Cartomancy readings, which were done in accordance with the expected performances of the cricket teams. While we can’t predict what will happen at the 2011 cricket world cup, the teams’ actual performances and results will reveal the key outcome. This edition of the cricket world cup is highly anticipated. We wish the teams all the best and hope that they deliver a great show for fans.

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